(Troglodytes troglodytes )

Resident birds. It is unbelievable from their small, pretty bodies that they chirp in a complicated melody with a surprisingly full voice.


Brown dipper
(Cinclus pallasii )

Resident birds. Good at diving to feed on aquatic insects on riverbed. They make nests from mosses.


Willow tit
(Parus montanus )

Resident birds that warble in peaceful voices in early summer. They make nests in small hollows in trees by collecting animal hair from serow, etc.


Wood nuthatch
(Sitta europaea )

Resident birds. One of the most often seen birds throughout Oirase. They chirp in various voices.


Pygmy woodpecker
(Dendrocopos kizuki )

Resident birds. A small, pretty type of woodpecker. They usually cry “Gi gi” in thick voices, but occasionally use a loud voice to make the sound “Ki ki ki.”


Japanese woodpecker
(Picus awokera )

Resident birds that sing in a resonant voice “pyo pyo,” which is not like the woodpecker. This is the largest bird of its kind inhabiting Oirase.


Mountain hawk eagle
(Spizaetus nipalensis )

Summer birds and large forest raptors. They feed on small animals such as Japanese martens, wild hares, and snakes.


Blue-and-white flycatcher
(Cyanoptila cyanomelana )

Summer birds. This bird is said to be one of Japan’s songbirds, singing with a sonorous, beautiful voice from a treetop in early summer.


Narcissus flycatcher
(Ficedula narcissina ) 

Summer birds. We have many opportunities to witness their stunning appearance and hear their beautiful voices.


(Garrulus glandarius )

Summer birds. We can see them flying around after crying out, “Jaa.” They mimic other birdsongs.


Ruddy Kingfisher
(Halcyon coromanda )

Summer birds. We can hear them singing sorrowfully, “Kyorororo…”


Harlequin duck
(Histrionicus histrionicus )

Summer birds. A pair of ducks resting on rocks can be seen especially in the lower reaches. The two sexes have round, white spots on their cheeks.


Whooper swan
(Cygnus cygnus )

Winter birds. A small flock is often seen in winter eating in a slow stream reach from the outlet of Nenokuchi to a Watergate.


(Carduelis spinus )

Winter birds. A small number breed in the coniferous forest in Hakkoda. In Oirase, they are often found from late autumn to early spring.